Friday, September 6, 2013

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jun Han robot sentry one hundred rounds of ammunition being hit rate of nearly 100%

According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported, developed by the Korean combat robots intelligent vigilance "Aegis", currently working in Iraq HanJun sentry against Iraq insurgents night attack. "Aegis" equipped with detection and surveillance cameras, as well as South Korean-made K-2 assault rifles, can replace the vigilance task execution Sentinel 24 hours.At night, it can be detected within two kilometers of the moving object, and through the screen to the monitoring room. Control room is equipped with an operating system to control the robot shooting, detecting lock infiltrated enemy, fighting robots alert via built-in computer, automatic calculation of the firing range and other data, and then shoot, hit rate close to 100%. "Aegis" the magazine with 100 rounds of ammunition, you can continuously shoot.

South Korea plans to disarmament 180 000 2020, four years ago began a program to build robot army, Han Jun is expected when the fighting will be strengthened 2 to 4 times. Korean military hopes that by 2011 about 250 combat robots deployed to guard the inter-Korean border line.

At present South Korean Defense Ministry and the Information and Communications Ministry is developing for the Army called "pleasures" of the robot. "Pleasures" in enemy positions in the vanguard, in the wild and dangerous terrain, through the "pleasures" robot equipped with a wireless network can be monitored reconnaissance, exploration of dangerous goods such action. While also developing "light combat robots", it is equipped with rocket launchers and machine guns, etc., can climb the ladder of the building, quickly move to the front of the enemy, the enemy can one know the location and extent of the armed, and even the size of the grenade The "Throwing surveillance robot" thrown Jun Han predictable enemy position."Throwing surveillance robot" after landing, you can get around the information transmitted to Han Jun soldiers wrist watch-type computer.

Han Jun robot soldiers, said: Hands up! [Profile picture]

America's largest single investment in armaments composed of 18 kinds of fees to be cyborgs Corps

Pentagon policy makers began to identify, intelligent 10-year war in the future robots will become a major U.S. military combat. Put in a U.S. military history, the largest single research expenses $ 127 billion, the development of a large number of unmanned combat machinery, in order to complete the future soldier on the battlefield must be completed in all combat missions, including attack, defense, looking for targets. Idea is simple: the future battlefield, a robot soldiers found the target, and then report to the command post, followed by another robot soldiers (or missiles) to destroy the target. It is reported that U.S. troops coming a brigade combat unit that will include at least 151 robot warrior. In order to verify Zhezhi intelligent war robot team's combat capability, the U.S. Army 29th Infantry Regiment in 2007 held a "robot war exercises": the whole robot combat corps perform different tasks by the 18 kinds of robots, each robot and the battlefield a variety of land and air combat platforms and sensors connected together. After fighting broke out, ground robots spearhead, when hidden enemy attack it, found the enemy aerial drone position to inform cruise unmanned intelligent fighter, then, smart fighter fired missiles hit the target. All tactical operations complete on their own by the intelligent robot war. According to estimates, this robot combat troops would fight half the time, while U.S. soldiers casualty rate reduced by 60% -80%.

5000 U.S. troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan war robots

2004 only 163 U.S. military ground robots. 2007 grew to 5000, at least ten intelligent robot wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "service."

Deployed to Afghanistan intelligent robot "Hermes" is mainly used for cave exploration drill holes, its body is equipped with two cameras, under the control of the operator, can crawl into a dark cave, the successful bypass some large stones, constantly send out recorded pictures.

Robot "Sword" on the battlefield in Iraq is even more magical wand, it can easily pass the stairs, rock pile and barbed wire, in the snow and the river also walk freely; it Beitan 200 rounds, equipment, a revamped M249 machine gun, Rate of fire up to 1000 rounds / minute, firepower strong enough to suppress the heavy machine gun with a rival. "Sword" is equipped with four cameras and night vision sights, be able to use rifles, grenades and rocket launchers, hit high precision, protection and viability is relatively strong enough for the U.S. soldiers in combat at close range firepower to provide all-weather Support.

The "backpack" robot is able to capture the environment in the streets, to distinguish the subtle movement insurgent snipers; "bomb-sniffing" robot can be sensitive to sniff out explosives disguised; named "Bionic flies," the robot can do some complex surgery ......

U.S. Robotics check roadside bombs. [Profile picture]

Monday, August 12, 2013

Robot Kingdom Japanese samurai robot fighting contest every year to do the hidden folk are readily convertible Military

Japan has a "robot kingdom," said the production and application of robots are ranked in the world. Well-known large companies such as Hitachi, Sony are engaged in the development and manufacture of robots, people have also invested heavily in a lot of people involved in the design and development of the robot (see right).

Japanese robot fighting contest is held every year, last year's "Mystic Fire" robot come out on top. It is height 40cm, weight 2.9kg, body has 23 degrees of freedom axis, shape and animation depicting the world of robot exactly the same offense and defense, to be completed fairly complex fighting continuous action. At present, although some participating more intelligent service robots, nursing robots, cleaning robots and robotic autopilot, etc., but as long as the technology is mature, can always be easily converted to military robots, and put into production. November 7, 2007 to 8, held in Tokyo in a defense technology seminar, organized by Japan's Ministry of Defense called "committed to manufacturing products that show up", up to the Japanese anime "Mobile Suit Gundam", the invincible giant combat robot. In Japan Defense Agency announced the "pointer on the implementation of research and development", the robot technology in Japan has long been classified as a new focus on the development of military technology as well.